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QRB Kit   Starting at $339.00 - IN STOCK

Includes Barrel and Receiver Plate, Star Nut and Proprietary 2 piece Gas System

308 QRB Kit Starting at $400 - In Stock

Includes Barrel Plate, Receiver Plate and Proprietary 2 Piece Gas System.

QRB Install Service (includes return shipping)  $125.00


QRB Barrel Locking Plate   Starting at $185 - In Stock

For Caliber or Barrel Length Change - Includes Barrel Plate and Gas Tube

Choose Length

Gas System

Choose Length

Gas System

Blow Back ONLY $185

NEW for the 308

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Gas Tube Extension may need to be modified by 1 inch for use in Blow Back Weapons. To place an order with a Money Order, please contact us by E-Mail, include a detailed description of what you are ordering. We will E-Mail you back our mailing address. (if in Florida, please include 7% Sales Tax). We ONLY ship in the USA.