• Securely holds a 30-round magazine, either metal or plastic, in the butt-stock.


• Super fast reloads from any position with little to no practice.


• TOTALLY ambidextrous - perfect for Police and Military personnel, as well as Tactical, Speed and Long Range Shooters.


• Maintains the original "feel" of the rifle.


• Ability to have 2 types of ammo available - Steel Core or "Pre-Frag" - for all situations.


• Quick and easy installation - a direct replacement for the AR-15/ M16 A2 butt-stock using all stock hardware.



A 30-round magazine is inserted into the RASE Stock™.  The magazine is securely held in place by our quick release latch even under the harshest conditions, yet still provides the operator with an extremely fast reload. To remove the magazine, the side of the operator's hand sweeps/pushes the latch forward, while pulling the magazine down and out of the stock.  After the magazine is out, the quick release latch retracts into the stock to prevent the latch from catching or snagging on gear or other items and maintains a near OEM look and feel.  Reloads are smooth and quick allowing the operator to keep his eyes on target during the complete reload cycle without having to search for an extra magazine. Each RASE Stock comes with complete instructions along with detailed pictures how to draw the magazine out of the stock.

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Reload Without Taking Your Eyes Off The Target!