About our Cry Havoc Tactical QRB Kit

While the QRB was primarily designed for the civilian market, non-civilian applications range from the Air Force using the QRB on the Air Crew Survival Weapon (GAU-5A) for ALL Fighters and Bombers, Motorcycle Police who did not have room for a standard AR-15/M4, to Operators in areas where an exposed AR-15/M4 might bring unwanted attention. In these and other cases, where there is a need for an AR-15/M4, the QRB now makes it possible to fit a rifle into a tight space but still have a usable barrel length for increased velocity!

Each kit contains complete instructions and all parts to convert your rifle or pistol WITHOUT drilling or any permanent modifications. Although we recommend installation be done by a Gunsmith, if you can install a barrel on an upper receiver, you can install this kit! Simple hand tools, an Armour's wrench and receiver block/vise is all that is needed. Returning your rifle or pistol back to stock is as easy as the installation. Make sure to watch the video in the Media Tab to see how easy it is to install. The QRB main body is Hard Anodized Aluminum and the Stainless Steel hooks, levers, star nut and gas extension are finished in Black Nitride for maximum durability.


Once the QRB Kit is installed, it is amazingly quick to assemble your rifle or pistol without worry of damaging your gas tube. The operator would simply lock the bolt back, insert the barrel extension into the receiver, rotate barrel until the alignment pin enters the alignment hole and then seat the barrel in place. Next, hook the two clips on the receiver plate and engage the levers to the closed position, never taking your hand off the pistol grip. Nothing to depress! Just drop the bolt and you are ready to fire... All in less then 6 seconds!


To remove the barrel assembly for storage, first remove the magazine, lock bolt back, check for an empty chamber, pull levers away from the hand guard, remove hooks from the receiver plate and pull barrel away from the receiver. Just that simple. No barrel rattling around in the handguard or gloves needed! Make sure to check out the videos in the Media Tab to see these steps happen in real time. You will be amazed.


The QRB Kit is only compatible with Free Float Hand Guards with a width of 2" or less and Mil-Spec barrels (.984" maximum barrel diameter) and will add 1.4" to handguard length. We have tested and recommend the SLR ion and Solo, Most MidWest units, the YHM Customizable, the BCM GunFighter KMR, Seekins MCSR, NOXS and SP3R, Matrix Charlie, Foxtrot and Lavi, Troy Alpha, Lancer, Unique AR's and others. The QRB is for Gas Impingement Systems and Blow Back Weapons ONLY and is available for the Carbine, Mid Length, Rifle Length or Pistol Gas Systems. Contact us for info or help on choosing the right tube size for your weapon. The QRB is Patented in the USA.