The USAF deploys Takedown Rifles for Pilots

The United States Air Force decided their fighter and Bomber pilots needed more protection should the dreaded situation of having to eject behind enemy lines arrive with only a hand gun as protection.

After thoroughly testing and evaluating several of the AR-15 Takedown products available on the civilian market, the USAF chose the Cry Havoc Tactical QRB (Quick Release Barrel) takedown system.

Now USAF Pilots and Aircrew can rest assured they have the necessary protection using the GAU-5A Rifle that is stowed in their ACES II Ejection Seat Survival Kit. The GAU-5A has four magazines totaling 120 rounds, allowing a shot-down pilot enhanced protection.

Now you can own the exact same model the USAF uses on your own AR style rifle or pistol. The QRB is able to accommodate many calibers and barrel sizes with little effort and requires no modification to the existing AR components. Any firearm with a QRB installed can be returned to its original configuration without any special tools in a short time.