1 and 2 Pin QRB Kits for Pistol Calibers

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The QRB Kit can only be used on Barrels with a maximum outside diameter of 0.985" and Free Float Hand Guards with a maximum width of 2.0"

FOR 9MM, 45-ACP, etc...

Includes Barrel Plate, Receiver Plate, Star Nut, and Receiver Plate alignment Pin.

For your Ar-15 style Pistol. Change calibers in seconds! The QRB allows you to remove the barrel of your rifle or pistol quickly. NO drilling or modifications needed!

  • Fit your AR-15 Carbine or Pistol into a Backpack or Bugout Bag with ease. Perfect for discreet transport.
  • Assemble and Fire in seconds, even in low light. Able to KEEP strong hand on grip - Nothing to Depress or twist with strong hand.
  • Use GROSS MOTOR SKILLS to assemble due to two piece gas system. No lining up tiny gas access hole with gas tube first!
  • Able to use a wide range of Free Float Hand Guards for the attachment of Back-up Iron Sights and accessories.
  • Super fast barrel and upper cleaning!
  • The QRB is able to retain POA/POI as the barrel still "head-spaces" off the stock positions (our tests have shown accuracy retained to less than 1 MOA of original rifle setup!).
  • With the purchase of an additional Barrel Lock Plate, switching to a different barrel length or caliber, like the 300 Blackout, takes just seconds!
  • Proudly made in the USA - that means something to us.


Click here to download PDF assembly instructions


**** Our QRB System is designed to work with Gas Impingement or Blow Back Weapons using Free Float Hand Guards 2" wide or less. **** The QRB has successfully been used on 223/556, 7.62x39, 22 Rimfire, 9mm, 40 Caliber, 45 Caliber, 300 Blackout, Bushmaster 450, 458 SOCOM and 50AE. If looking to use with a AR10 Style 308 or 6.5 Creedmoor, make sure to check out the 308 QRB tab! Our Patented Quick Release Barrel Kit for the AR-15/M4 lets YOUR rifle or pistol easily takedown into a very small package without drilling or other modifications to install. As an example below, a 16" Barreled Carbine with an overall length of 33.5" now becomes two 17.5" pieces. Try that with just removing the upper with pushing the pins - you'll end up with a 16" piece and a HUGE 25+" piece - Forget fitting that in a small pack or briefcase without sticking out. THE QRB is for those who don't want to leave their rifle at home.